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Dates of visit:
April 15, 2002 -
May 23, 2002

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 Meet cousins
 Tour Vienna
 Tour Prague
 Tour Lviv
 Tour Krakow
 Wilekiczka Salt Mine
 See Tatra Mountains
 Ancestral villages
 Visit village of birth
 Walk Old Lviv

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Przemysl - A Polish fortress city
The Bells of PrzemyslPrzemysl is an extraordinary and unique town. This area boasts a rich record of several thousand years marked by traces of human history, and a thousand-year-old town with its monuments and culture.

The first written record concerning Przemysl refers to the year 981, at which time a Ruthenian prince, Vladimir, captured the so-called Czerwienskie strongholds, which originally belonged to Poland. Thus, the history of Przemysl became part of the struggle to seize and hold this area, the contenders being Poles, Ruthenians as well as Hungarians. Despite its turbulent history, Przemysl has continued to develop since the 11th century. The turning point was the year 1340 when King Casimir the Great permanently integrated Przemysl with Poland.

Long known for its defensive location with two ringed-fortifications and as an economic center between Krakow and Lwow, Przemysl, once known as a frontier town, embraces its history but looks to the future with enthusiasm and vigor.

Trip Gallery - Przemysl
Exploring the City
Bell Tower Roman Catholic Archcathedral Overlooking Przemysl
Castle (1340) View of Przemysl from Castle Church of the Franciscans
Clock Tower (1775) A Przemysl Bell At a Bell Tower
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